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Catering Trends: October 2021

Hello everyone,

Here are the best articles we read this month. If you enjoy Catering Trends, we’d love for you to forward this email to coworkers—they can sign up here.

3 Tips for Low Cost, High Profit Menus

Takeaway: Skip the experiments this year and focus on in-season favorites.

Shortages of Basic Goods Hobble U.S. Economy

Supply shortages mean long waits for delivery and higher prices—think 2–20x. It’s time to stock up on key goods like boxes, disposables and bags

Why Workers Are Ready to Quit–and How to Get Them to Stay [New Survey]

Jump to the bottom of the article for practical tips on retention.

Green is [Still] Good

Demand for eco-friendly packaging is skyrocketing, and now it makes cents:  73% of consumers now say they are willing to pay more for eco-friendly packaging.

New FaceBook for Business Tools

Finally, ‘Work Accounts’ will let you manage your business profiles separately from your personal 🎉.

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