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Catering Trends: November 2021

Hello everyone,

Here are the best articles we read this month. If you enjoy Catering Trends, we’d love for you to forward this email to coworkers—they can sign up here.

Is Anyone Booking Holiday Events?

An inside look at the Milwaukee catering scene from Jamie Peterson, director of sales at Saz’s Hospitality Group.

20 Real-world Holiday Marketing Campaign Examples

“Borrow” an idea or two from these big companies ;).

Supply Chain Improving But No End in Sight for Labor Shortages

“There have been some ‘tentative signs of improvement from supply chain data and commodity prices’, while labor market tightness could be a challenge ‘for many companies for years.’ ”

How to Manage Legal Risks of the Labor Shortage

Attorney Colin Barnacle discusses how to avoid lawsuits when it comes to employee management.

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