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Catering Trends: July 2020

This month we look at awesome menu designs and explore new ways to think about weddings. Wishing you all the best.

Let’s go!

Catering menu design: 26 awesome examples

We researched 100s of caterers across the world to find the best menu design examples. Did we miss yours? Reply to this email and we’ll add you to the list! Protip: Getting on the list will boost your website’s SEO 😉.

What will happen with weddings in 2020/21?

“I don’t think it’s emotionally sound to keep postponing weddings.”

Do caterers need liability waivers for COVID-19?

“The short answer is no.” Click to learn why.

What is a microwedding? (Minimony vs. microwedding vs. elopement)

Weddings are getting weird! Can you create a wedding package that works for your business? 

Why are clients and guests acting so crazy?!

Likely answer: It’s not their fault! Human brains aren’t made to think about a pandemic.

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