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Our service model

There are two ways we can work together: on a project basis or a monthly retainer. For both, we aim to deliver on time, and help keep you on time. Boom! What we don’t do: lock-in contracts, padded scope projects, change orders, and other common agency hassles.


Sometimes, it makes the most sense to work on a single project-basis. That works for us! Project-based work means we agree to a specific project(s), as opposed to a flexible long-term partnership. You never have to worry about unreasonable limitations, lock-ins, change orders or any of that other agency nonsense. Our aim is to be the best marketing partner you’ve ever worked with.


Monthly retainers are flexible, longer term partnerships. This is where we do our best work! With monthly or even weekly check-ins, we become a part of your team and adapt to your needs on the fly. As your partner, we look ahead and bring the best of the marketing world to your company. And we’re more than happy to work directly with your existing marketing team. We’ve worked with most of our retainer clients for years, some 7+, and plan to do so for many more.


If you have a question that's not listed below, please don't hesitate to contact us.

How do payments work?
We develop a unique agreement for each project. Project-based work is broken into chunks and paid over a set period, usually 3–6 months. Retainers are paid monthly. Payments are made via ACH transfer or check.
What cities do you work in?
We work with caterers and venues across the country. From Washington to Florida. We’ve been working across state lines for years and have systems that make it virtually the same as being next door. That being said, we usually see our clients a few times a year. Whether that’s at LCA or ICA events, Catersource, or personal visits.
Do you outsource?
Our marketing is made in house. We have designers, developers, a copywriter, an email expert, strategists—a complete marketing department. From traditional to digital, we do it all.