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Catering Trends: November 2020

Hi everyone,

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The State of the Catering Industry [August 2020 Survey Results]

(-) Over 75% of caterers report a 70–90% decrease in business vs. last year.
(+) 52% of caterers expect a quick recovery in 2022–23. 

65 Places to Put Your Logo

Or, how to become a “top of mind” caterer.

8 Food Buying Trends for Right Now (What People Think About Delivery)

Interesting trend: Visual cleanliness cues. It’s not only what you’re doing to be safe—it’s also what customers can see. Obvious trend: Everyone likes pizza.

How to Manage Social Media in 4 Hours/Week

Create all your posts in one day—using ideas from your content pillars—and then automate posting with social media software (3 hours). Sign in for 10 minutes every day and respond to comments, like posts, check hashtags and build relationships.

Want to Recession-Proof Your Business? Look at Your Competitors

Not catering-specific, but here are three fun stories about how other entrepreneurs got ahead in tough times.

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