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10 Examples of Mobile-Friendly Catering Websites

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With the semi-recent changes to Google’s mobile search rankings (they’ve put a “significant” amount of weight into mobile-friendly websites for mobile search results), we found it pertinent to tell you why you’re losing sales if you’re not mobile-friendly.

In addition to everything you learned (or will learn) in the above article, here are some examples of mobile-friendly catering websites. Because what kind of help would we be if we only told you that you need a mobile-friendly site without giving any examples?

Tasty Catering

Catering Website Examples: Tasty Catering

Russell Morin Catering & Events

Catering Website Examples: Morins Catering

24 Carrots Catering and Events

Catering Website Examples: 24 carrots

Zilli Hospitality Group

Catering Website Examples: Zilli

Brancato’s Catering

Catering Website Examples: Brancatos

BG Events and Catering

Catering Website Examples: BG events

Blue Ridge Catering

Catering Website Examples: Blue Ridge

Duvall Catering & Event Design

Catering Website Examples: Duvall catering

McCall’s Catering and Events

Catering Website Examples: Mccalls catering

Nelson’s Catering

Catering Website Examples: Nelson's

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